Swolf (swolf) wrote,

Confuzzled 2011!

Personal Highlights:
  • The Dances – I need to say a HUGE thank you to all the DJ’s that signed up this year without you the Dances wouldn’t have been as successful as they were. Every single one of you provided some excellent music and the crowds appreciated it! This includes the alternative genres as we hopefully managed to cater for the majority of tastes for those who wanted to dance. My only regret on this was due to having an early event on the Sunday I had to wrap up early on the Saturday. I shall finish mastering the recordings soon and upload asap. (Please note that I don’t have a recording of Gnardawgs Rock or the Dead Dog) (Dead dog had duplicate tracks played on Saturday’s Dance)
  • The Dance Competition – Thanks to all our entrants – there was a nice mix of styles from ballet to modern and rock. Again I really appreciate your time and effort that you put into this and I hope that some if not all of you would consider entering again next year (hopefully to a larger audience) – For those who weren’t there please see this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuCRKXXVaVY
  • The Dance instruction – Thanks to Shaman for arranging to have the excellent dance instructors teach us a few 1920’s period dance moves, I’ve not had that much fun in a long time.
  • The Sound and lighting:– Thanks to Ceil and Fermi for the sound and lighting in the nightclub.
  • The Staff: – again a HUGE thank you to all of the Staff for their hard work over the weekend!
  • The Volunteers – thanks to all the volunteers for their time and assistance.
  • Virtual Timduru - aka the skype video call on Saturday from the nightclub, we missed ya tim!

The Lowlights:
  • Missing numerous events :-  Pawpet show / Cavalcade of cack to name just two, alas a side effect of being staff is that sometimes you miss out on events due to other commitments, hopefully there’s videos of those events coming soon :)
  • The Heat: - Yes the nightclub and hotel in general suffered from a lack of air flow and cooling. Our room only had a small window that provided very little fresh air and made sleeping quite uncomfortable. Also the nightclub once filled with people was like a sauna and on several occasions the “smoke” sometime was replaced by mist from steam! Also this means that sometimes the nightclub had less people in their due to lack of air. (the dealers den had the most airflow thanks to a limit on people entering the room and the fire door being open)
  • The Water leaks:- unfortunately leaking roofs meant buckets all round for drips and the nightclub itself was temporarily closed off as the Saturday night dances were due to start as the leak was a bit close too the fuse box in the small bar.
  • The food:- the breakfast was OK but some items were a little inedible and quite dried up by the heat lamps. Only managed to have a jacket potato once and then I proceeded to eat food off site. Tea and coffee needs to be available as an all day option for all people and not just breakfast. Fortunately we found a nice Chain Pub 15mins walk away that does great steaks and reasonable pub grub priced well.
  • Not taking enough pictures:- Again packed my camera and again forgot to take it with me and missed a few opportunities for pics. Perhaps once I have a pancake lens this will be rectified as the camera will be more portable :)
  • Unable to socialise as much as I would have liked : - managed to only catch 20-30 mins of chat with a couple of peeps, managed to not have a proper conversation with quite a few people :( again to be expected but hey it would have been nice to have a proper chat with those I haven’t seen in a while.
  • Mobile phone reception:- Not having mobile phone reception in some areas was a bit of a pain, especially when trying to get hold of peeps that weren’t on staff / didn’t have a radio.

Over all still a great convention and yes I’m prepping for next year already (the big “5th” anniversary). Hope to see you there! :D

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