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Job update....

So what have I been up to since leaving Orange.. Not a lot for a while, decided to take some time off, get family settled in and then start again on the job search.

For the last 3-4 weeks i've been working as a temp for the royal mail, data entry being the most riviting thing in the known universe (sarcasm intended) doing the stupid o'clock shift (6am to 1.30pm) ment i was in bed by 10pm at the latest to get up at 5am. (hence me dissapearing quite early for the past month).

So where am i now, after a chance application i've landed myself another retail possition, Full-time working for the rivals 3. Currently on there retail training programme up in sunny Glasgow (hell of a distance for me to travel). Should hopefully be back in time for christmas (at least if public transport at exeter shows up on thurs)

As for christmas shopping, done most of it, no idea of what to get one familiy member so it's gift vouchers for them i think.. Right time for me to get back to revision. Don't you just love daily tests.
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